May Makes Roundup Part 1

I am definitely still trying to find my feet in the blogging world. I have found it difficult to post about every make, so I think a nice balance is a monthly round up of what I have been making. After finishing my Jasika Blazer an easy make was definitely needed, but it took me [...]

Sewing for Emily Pt 1

I love sewing for other people, especially my daughter Emily. And I'm pretty sure she loves it when I sew for her (until she can talk and say otherwise it's what we are going with)! The first dress I made for her was this Simplicity 8304 in blue and white stripe poly cotton. There were [...]

Make Nine 2019

While I was writing my Instagram post for this years make nine challenge, I realised I had a lot to say and a blog post would maybe be a better idea. So here I am, writing a blog that will help me keep track of my makes and hopefully let me share some of my [...]