Pink Summer Collection Round Up

I am so excited that I can do a round up of my first collection. This year I decided to plan my makes in collections as I usually end up with a mix of prints and colours during the summer and nothing that really goes together. Focusing on different colour collections has helped in so [...]

Pattern Trace Foundation Paper

Pattern Trace Foundation Paper

Anyone who has been following me for a while will know the my love for Pattern Trace Swedish Tracing paper is really strong, I have gone through 4 rolls during lockdown already! Pattern Trace Website They recently launched a new product- Foundation Paper. This paper is used by quilters for foundation paper pipeline. It is [...]

My Top 5 Sewing Books

As I have previously mentioned in my favourite sewing tools blog, I love sewing books. 95% of the time I would rather lift a book to find out more about a particular topic than use google (but there is the odd occasion google is good for a quick reference). So I am going to talk [...]

Me Made May 2020 Part 1

We are now half way through me made may and I wanted to reflect on what I have been wearing so far. My pledge this year was to take it as an opportunity to really think about the clothes that I am actually wearing at the moment, so that I can focus on making these [...]

Finding Time to Sew

I often get asked how I manage to get so much sewing done with 2 small kids and I am going to share some of my top tips with you . Be Organised I know this sounds like an obvious first step, but the more you can get yourself organised in advance, the more you [...]

Spring/Summer 2020 Inspiration

I have never made it a secret that my love for Autumn/Winter fashion far outweighs Spring/Summer. Autumn colours and styles are much more “me”. So I often struggle to gather inspiration for spring and summer sewing and it is often just a muddle of makes that don’t necessarily match. I would love to have some [...]

Frocktails NI 2020 Part 1

Can you imagine my excitement when Northern Ireland’s first ever Frocktails was announced. One of the great things about being part of the #northernirelandsews community is that we are cut off from a lot of other sewists in our little island so we make even more effort to get to know each other and get [...]