Autumn Winter Plans 2020

When I began thinking about my autumn winter sewing plans I had a look back to my blog post last year and I will be honest, not a lot has changed! I still want the same garments and a lot of the same colours. Which for me is a good thing, as I know the garments I am making are going to stand the test of time and are not just a fad that I won’t wear again.

This year I am excited to get stuck into bigger projects though. I think I now have a good core collection in my wardrobe that I don’t ‘need’ to make any more, I can focus on the garments that will take more time and develop my skills.


I actually have a few suits that I started last year that I am still finishing so these will be first up on my list. I have to finish my navy spots blazer, make the cinnamon twill trousers and finish the self drafted blazer to match.

Once these are done I already have fabric lined up for 2 more. Dark green has long been my favourite colour so I definitely want a suit in this colour. I picked up the suiting fabric from Minerva during their recent VIP day so it was a bargain! I think I am going to make another Named clothing Ava blazer and Tynni cigarette trousers in this as I love my last checked version so much and they both have the fit I am looking for.

Ava and Tynni blog post

The second fabric is a grey check stretch suiting, again from Minerva but this time for a blog post. I am going for a more relaxed look with this so will use the Homer & Howells Blair blazer and the Maud trousers.

I think if I manage to finish these I will be doing very well.


Again, I have 2 fabrics already for coats. First up, another dark green. This is a dead stock wool coating from New Craft House last year and the colour is perfect! I am planning the Drop Shoulder Coat by Trend Patterns, as it has a loose casual style that I am looking for.

Drop Shoulder Coat Pattern

Next is this orange wool (basket weave?) that I picked up during Stitch Odyssey’s destash last year. I am going to make the Iconic Bomber by Worthy Design Studio. Both these styles are perfect for all my big sleeves and chunky jumpers!

Dresses and Blouses/shirts

Last year I was also focused on making dresses, as it was something I hadn’t been able to wear in a long time as I was breastfeeding Emily. I still want to add to my collection of dresses but I have picked up some beautiful blouse patterns recently that I am excited to make too. Another Pauline Alice Coeli blouse is top of my list, followed by the Paper Theory Olya.

I have some clear ideas on what I style I want to aim for with dresses too. I will definitely be trying the Trend Patterns Shirt Dress and would love to give the Brigitta Helmersson Zero Waste Gathered Dress a go too.

I will be working on some more self-drafted styles too with lots of different sleeve variations!

Colour Palettes

I have 3 colour palettes for this season, and the best part about it is I have all the fabrics already in my stash! Within each collection I have a coat/jacket, a suit, one other pair of trousers and a variety of dresses, tops and blouses. When deciding what my colour palettes will be, I pull out my box of samples and have lots of fun matching different combinations together.

Green and Pink

First up will be blush pink and dark green. These 2 colours featured in a fabric haul back in August and when I saw them together I fell in love! I have made a start on some of these pieces already and cant wait to get this collection finished!

Navy and Orange

The next collection will be navy, orange and cream. Again, these are all fabrics in my stash apart from the beige jacquard on the top left and I am happy I can pull them all together.

Rust and Khaki

The last colour palette is pretty similar to last year and a lot of what I have already made with tie in well with this. There will be lots of rusts and khaki green, with a few florals and spots thrown in too.

I have enjoyed pulling these collections together, I can see very clearly how everything will tie together to create wearable outfits, while also tying in with what I already have in my wardrobe.

What are your Autumn/winter sewing plans? I would love to know.

Happy sewing,

Sharlene xx