White Linen Jazz Dress

This fabric has sat in my stash waiting for the perfect project since January. I picked it up at a Dressmakers Anonymous Belfast fabric swap and honestly nearly didn’t take it, with 2 young kids white isn’t always the best choice! But I loved the texture and as it was linen there was always the option of dying it a different colour.

I knew when planning my spring summer collections I had to include this fabric, either in its original form or in a different colour. After scrolling through Pinterest the perfect dress appeared and I knew what I would do with it.

Image of Cecelie Bahnsen dress from Pinterest

I had a few option for patterns with this style. I tried out the By Hand London Hannah wrap dress to see how I liked the fit at the top. It was a good contender until Raphaelle from Ready to Sew shared a version of the Jazz dress on Instagram and I knew this was it!

Jazz eBook

If you haven’t already checked out the Jazz eBook I cant recommend it enough. When I say the options are endless I am not kidding. The eBook comes with 82 different views including jumpsuits, dresses, tops and bibs in different sleeve and neckline variations, along with different hacks on her blog. When it was released as an eBook I got every version printed and decided now was definitely the time to make use of it.

I used version 69 but with a few tweaks. First up I knew I wanted the length of the tiers of the skirt swapped, so I shortened the top skirt and lengthened the bottom. The next was to add some volume to the sleeve head (are you surprised?). I used the slash and spread method for this. I went ahead and made it with these modification but after the first try on there were a few other changes I needed to make.

The bodice was a touch too long in the heavier fabric so I took the skirt off and removed 1 inch from the length of the bodice. The pattern features a dropped shoulder and with the addded volume at the sleeve head it was too much in the stiff fabric. I removed 2 inches from the shoulder and reattached the sleeve. I also removed the cuff from the sleeve and added an elastic casing. These changes all helped create something closer to my inspiration image.

I am really happy with the end result, and even happier I discovered these white Zara boots on Depop as they really make the outfit for me.

The fabric is a little sheer from the loosely woven stripes so I will wear a slip or cycling shorts underneath when I wear it out. I am still not sure where I am going to wear it out but I am sure I will find an excuse soon.

It has pockets!

I am definitely feeling encouraged to make more use of this pattern now, I love Raphelle’s style. There is something about French pattern designers that really appeals to me. I think the faux wrap jumpsuit with sleeves will be next in a nice floaty rayon. Do you have any patterns in your stash that you want to make more use of? I would love to know what they are.

Happy sewing,

Sharlene xx

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