Pattern Trace Foundation Paper

Anyone who has been following me for a while will know the my love for Pattern Trace Swedish Tracing paper is really strong, I have gone through 4 rolls during lockdown already!

Pattern Trace Website

They recently launched a new product- Foundation Paper. This paper is used by quilters for foundation paper pipeline. It is semi-transparent, perfect for printing on with inkjet and laser printers, and has a rough texture to ensure glue easily sticks to it. Now, you all know I am not a quilter and I cant imagine I will want to try it. But these 3 qualities of the foundation paper also make it ideal for something else- piecing together A4 sewing patterns!

I am not a fan of printing and sticking A4 patterns, its time consuming, something always goes out of line, and I always trace it off onto pattern trace as I hate working with thick paper so there is another step to add to the process.

I approached Pattern Trace with the idea that the foundation paper could be used for this too and they agreed to provide me with a pack to try it out. Guys, this stuff is a game changer!

I have never enjoyed putting a pdf pattern together before but this was easy. The paper has the perfect level of transparency so that you DON’T HAVE TO TRIM ANY EDGES!!! That alone is enough of a reason for me to fall for this product. It’s easy to see if all the line are matching up so nothing goes wonky.

Swedish Tracing Paper

I use glue sticks to piece my patterns together and it sticks together really well. You have more of an area to glue the piece together too as you are not trimming any of the paper away.

The paper is slightly thinner than regular pattern trace, and although it is designed to be easy to tear, it is not as delicate as the normal pattern tissue the likes of Big 4 patterns are printed on. I had no issues with it ripping while I was using it. It is much easier to work with when pinning onto fabric and easier to store at the end.

My only tip would be to watch it as you print. As it is thinner than standard paper my printer took a few pages through at once. This is definitely a small sacrifice I am willing to make though as I saves so much time while sticking the pattern together.

In terms of price, it is £9.25 for a single pack of 100 sheets, going down to £7.50 if you buy 5 packs. I have printed 2 tops and a skirt from my first pack and have some leftover, which would be the equivalent of 5 A0 pages. This would cost around £7.50 to £10 to order from a copy shop service, so I feel the price is justified to have the pattern printed instantly at home.

So in summary, this has now gone on my list of essential sewing products to have at home along with my trusty pattern trace paper. If you want a chance to try it out for yourself, head over to my YouTube channel to be in with a chance of winning a pack for yourself.

YouTube video and competition

Happy sewing,

Sharlene xx