Me Made May 2020 Part 1

We are now half way through me made may and I wanted to reflect on what I have been wearing so far. My pledge this year was to take it as an opportunity to really think about the clothes that I am actually wearing at the moment, so that I can focus on making these items going forward.

This year is a strange one for me for a few reasons. The first obvious reason is the current Covid-19 pandemic, and I know a lot of people have been feeling the same about this. There is a new ‘normal’ at the moment and it can be difficult knowing how to get dressed for what life is throwing our way at the moment.

Things have changed a lot for me since this time last year too. I am no longer working in retail, and the days I used to work were my excuse to get a bit dressed up when I wasn’t crawling around the floor after my kids! My sewing lessons replaced this as a excuse to wear something nice, but these are now cancelled too.

I am still trying to look at the positive of this situation though and trying to dress in what makes me feel good, although some days this is harder than others. Let’s take a look at what I have been wearing though…

1. Square neck top and wide leg flares, 2. Mandy boat tee and monsal lounge pants, 3. Mandy boat tee and Pietra pants, 4. RTW hoody and T-shirt with Derwent trousers

I have been leaning towards trousers a lot more, and have already repeated 3 pairs- my Monsal lounge pants, Pietra pants and Wide Leg Flares. The obvious reason for this is that they are all super comfortable! All 3 sit at the right point on my waist, which is a key issue for me, and the fabrics are all really soft.

1. RTW Blazer with Ruska T-shirt and Utility trousers, 2. Bertha cardigan and Jazz jumpsuit, 3. Ilford jacket, ruska tshirt and Paolo jeans, 4. Plum dress

I have wore a dress or jumpsuit 5 out of the 15 days so far. At the start of lockdown I was reaching for dresses a lot more, as they were certain to ‘pick me up’ and put me in a better mood. This eventually changed though as I am more focused on separates this season so I think testing out what bottom options I have and what they go with will benefit me more in the long run.

1. Suki dress, 2. Bias tshirt dress, 3. Kinder cardigan, square neck top, monsal lounge pants, 4. Kinder cardigan, square neck top and Pietra pants.

I have repeated my Kinder cardigan a few times. I have had another one of these on my list for a while now so I think this is a sure sign I need to make another one! My Square Neck Tops have made a few appearances too, and I am planning a few more of these in jersey and woven fabrics.

1. Kabuki tee and wide leg flares, 2. Eloise/elisalex mash up, 3. RTW jumper and Safiya trousers.

I have also discovered a few makes that need fixed and rediscovered a style I forgot works for me. I wore my green maxi dress yesterday and realised it was the exact style I have been looking for to recreated a Vampires Wife inspired dress which has been on my list for sooo long. I have a few other dresses that I need to fix as well (my Eloise and Suki dress).

I am definitely learning more about the styles of trousers and tops that i want to focus on, and the shapes that are working for me at the moment.

How is Me Made May going for you? Are you sticking to your pledge or learning anything new?

Happy sewing,

Sharlene xx