Spring/Summer Planning Part 2

After writing my last blog on my spring/summer plans I started doing some more research and gathered some more inspiration, and I now have a clear idea of where I want my Spring Summer sewing to take me. I finally feel inspired and excited to start planning a collection.

All images from Zara

I started of by checking out Pinterest for some more ideas and created a separate board for my ‘collection’. I also had a look at some of my favourite high street stores for some inspiration and I quickly realised what i was drawn to and what I wanted to make.

All images from & Other Stories

I have 2 colour palates in mind now, one focusing on a lot of fabrics I alreadyhave in my stash. The other colour palette is what I will be focusing on when I am buying new fabrics. I want to try to stick to these colours this year, instead of buying whatever prints that take my fancy. Hopefully if I stick to this I will have a summer wardrobe that works together easily.

Palette 1- Blue and Lilac

This palette I can mostly sew from my current stash. I have a lot of denims, navy, blue and lilac what work really well together. I might add a few more softer lavender shades to this collection, I have my eye on a few Meet Milk fabrics that will work perfectly.

I am also on the hunt for some large navy gingham after seeing everyone’s lovely creations for A Hint of Print instagram challenge. I have found a few that have caught my eye.

Palette 2- Pinks and Greens

These are the colours I am really feeling drawn to this season. Khaki is one of my favourite colours to wear, but one I sometimes avoid buying in case I end up with too much! I need to fix that this summer. I am definitely going to add one of 2 pairs of khaki trousers to my wardrobe. I am also feeling very drawn to soft minty greens at the moment. Again, Meet Milk has some beautiful shades.

I love pink paired with khaki so I am also looking out for some blush shades. I tend to avoid anything that is too ‘sugary’ pink so I am looking for more muted tones, and maybe a few deeper rose pinks. The colours in my latest Kalle shirt are perfect for this palette.

I have my eye on a few other fabrics that will fit well into this palette, I feel like the new Atelier Brunette collection was made for me!

The Garments

I am going to put a big focus on separates that work together this summer. It’s easy to make dresses and there are a few patterns I want to try out. But I need more pieces that work together, and that work with what I already have. I am going to take some time to try on what is in my wardrobe to see what styles and shapes work for me.

A summer suit is definitely on my list, probably in some form of linen or linen blend. I have bought the new Blair blazer by a new pattern company Homer & Howells. This comes in a cute short boxy length and a longer view as well, which can also be made as a shirt dress. I would love to team this with a pair of long tailored shorts. I am still working on what pattern to use as it will depend on the fabric I choose in the end.


So far my trouser options are the Megan Nielsen Flint, Closet Case Pietra and Helens Closet Winslow Culottes. I like the front seam of the Pietra pants, but I would lengthen them to around the knee. I think the long shorts view of the Winslow’s will also be a nice option.

I know you are probably sick of me saying this, but jeans are definitely on my to make list. I am pretty close to getting a good fit with the Dawn Jeans so I am looking forward to making a final pair of them. I might make more than one pair if they go well!


A classic white shirt is definitely on my list this year, I already have a few ready to wear shirts that I love so I will be trying these on to see what style I want to go for. I would also like to try a few more wrap tops, including the By Hand London Hannah wrap top and another Papercut Patterns Sequence top.

I am feeling a lot more positive about my Spring/Summer sewing plans now. I like that I have a colour palette to focus on and a lot of outfit ideas planned.

I hope you have enjoyed these blogs and if you have been struggling with your sewing plans for this season it has maybe helped you too.

Happy sewing

Sharlene xx