Spring/Summer 2020 Inspiration

I have never made it a secret that my love for Autumn/Winter fashion far outweighs Spring/Summer. Autumn colours and styles are much more “me”. So I often struggle to gather inspiration for spring and summer sewing and it is often just a muddle of makes that don’t necessarily match.

I would love to have some sort of plan in place for this summer, especially for when it comes to blogger makes as I am in a really stump for what to choose. Something I am also realising is that now I’m not working in retail I am not experiencing the same buzz around the new season collections. So I have renewed my subscription to Vogue in the hopes it will help with some inspiration, along with checking out high street stores (online obviously) and Pinterest.

Some of my makes from last Spring/Summer

I have also set myself the task of working through my stash, for 2 reasons. It isn’t as practical to go out and get new fabric/threads/haberdashery right now so I need to work with what I have. Secondly, with a lot of my work now cancelled I cant afford to buy new fabric. Which I know is a blessing in disguise as I need to use up some of this fabric I have ASAP! When it gets to the point that I am making a winter coat in June you will know I am nearly there!

So, I will share with you what I have found inspriration from so far. Hopefully preparing this post will help kick start the creativity!


I have a few ideas for dresses at the moment. A lot of them are just remakes of something I have already made and I feel that I need some fresh patterns or styles that will ignite my enthusiasm. There are a few recurring styles on my Pinterest boards which I know I can make. However both are white… and my kids are messy! Lol!

S/S 2020 Pinterest Board

The first style I will hack the Adrianna dress again using a white poly cotton I had in my stash. The second I am going to use the French Poetry Etoile dress as a base and hack it.

Below are a few other style I am feeling inspired by. I have patterns in my stash I can use to create most of these, and a few fabrics I can use too.

Leaning towards small scale prints here

Summer Suit

I am still feeling the love for suits, and would love to make a lightweight linen suit in a pastel colour, maybe lavender or pistachio. The new pattern by Homer & Howells looks perfect for the jacket.

Coveralls and Jumpsuits

After finally making my Jean-Paul coveralls I am loving this trend even more. Again, I am dreaming up some coveralls in linen. A pink denim pair would be amazing too, I’m not sure I am brave enough for that though!

I am also planning a denim hack of the Alice & Co. Interpid boiler suit with the Selkie Patterns Lin jumpsuit neckline and sleeves. This one was inspired by this style from Hush, and I spotted it on one of my favourite bloggers, Ashley from A Mother’s Edit.

I have spotted a few jumpsuits in large scale prints which I might try recreating. The ‘Brick’ or ‘Rock’ print viscose by Mind the Maker would be prefect for recreating this look. Or a more practical idea would be a faux jumpsuit so I can wear both separately too.


If you have been following my Weekly Planning episodes you will know that the Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans have been on my list every week now! I am determined to get these made. I know once I do they will fill a big hole in my wardrobe, and I will no doubt want to make many more!

While I like all these plans none of them are bringing out the same excitement that I felt for my Autumn sewing plans. I feel that it is a combination of the scary and uncertain times we are living in right now, the change in career and the fact that this season just doesn’t excite me in the same way. I feel like there are things I ‘should’ be sewing, like summery dresses, but I am not sure I want to. I would really love to know what it is I ‘want’ to sew though.

I have a feeling I will be clearing out and reorganising my stash again soon, sometimes that is all I need to spark some creativity.

Do you have any Spring Summer sewing plans? I would love to hear them if you do, add a comment here or message me over on Instagram @sosewdressmaking

Happy sewing

Sharlene xx