My Top Sewing Tools

We all have our favourite sewing tool, don’t we? Something you just can’t imagine sitting down to start a project without. Here’s a little round up of my favourites, along with the link to my amazon storefront where you can buy most of this (along with lots of other goodies!). If there is anything not available from Amazon I will add the link.

Seam Fix

I have my friend Jools to thank for this one. Nobody likes unpicking breads but this makes it so much easier. The handle is a good size to hold onto and I find my hand doesn’t cramp when unpicking long seams. The little rubber on either end lifts all the loose threads away at the end which is so handy. A few different companies have make these, including Gutterman, Clover and Hemline.

My first one broke last year and I found myself avoiding sewing until I ordered a new one! So I think this is definitely classified as one of my sewing essentials!


I’ve always been a pinner, it’s how my mum taught me and some habits are hard to break. I discovered these long pins recently and I find them really helpful when cutting out patterns, especially if it’s sloppy fabric. They catch more of the fabric so you can cut out more accurately. I always use glass head pins too, the pin itself is usually smoother and of course you don’t need to worry about ironing on top.

I pin parallel to the seam when I am sewing (I use the pins as a rough guide for my seam line) so I like the coloured heads as they are easier to spot.

Chalk Pen

I added this chalk pen to my Christmas list this year and it hasn’t disappointed. I love that you can easily change the colour depending on your fabric colour and have had no trouble with being able to see the chalk so far. It also has a handy sharpener to keep the tip of the chalk nice and sharp for easy marking. It also comes with a little rubber to get rid of any mistakes.

Peg Board

If you have your own dedicated sewing space you need to get a peg board! This has been a complete game changer when it comes to keeping my sewing space tidy and organised. I love that all my scissors and sharp objects are kept up high and away from little hands!

The Ikea SKÅDIS comes in loads of sizes and with plenty of different accessories to customise it however you like.

Spool Holder

This was another item on my Christmas list. I had all my threads in a drawer. This has freed up some space for me and I love the pop of colour it adds to my sewing space. I have hung mine on my peg board with 2 hooks creating more space on my desk.

Sketch Pad

I found this sketch pad on amazon last year and I have loved it. I don’t mind drawing a fashion croquis but it’s so much easier when inspiration strikes to be able to quickly draw your design. There are many other options for this, like My Body Model, but the fashion student in me loves to work off a traditional croquis.

Pattern Trace

I was always team cut when it came to patterns, but now that I have started hacking patterns so much I couldn’t live without my Pattern Trace. It is strong and still transparent. You can pin and sew it to check the shape and fit of a garment which has come in so handy. I am so passionate about this that I convinced my local craft store to start selling it! So if you are local to me (Co. Down area) you can pick some up in person from Craft Your Art Out in Ballynahinch.


As much as I love google, nothing will ever compare to having a good selection of books to reference. I have so many it would take a long time to list them all. You can check out my Amazon Storefront for all the books I currently have plus a few that are still on my wish list.

What are your favourite tools that you can’t sew without?

Happy sewing,

Sharlene xx