Wow Fabrics

I was absolutely thrilled when Wow Fabrics agreed to let me blog for them. I had been eyeing up quite a few fabrics on their site for a while now… and of course dreaming up all the designs I want to get printed on fabric.

My first dilemma was choosing just one fabric. The selection of designs they have for printing on fabric are stunning. I narrowed it down to 4! And then eventually picked one (no doubt you will see the other 3 options soon 😉). I choose the Spun Polyester base this time and can’t wait to try the rest. This is essentially like a cotton jersey and it is so so soft. It’s drapes beautifully and has around 20-30% stretch.

I really struggled to pick a pattern for this fabric, When it comes to jersey fabrics I don’t have a lot of patterns, apart from basic t-shirts I don’t sew with a lot of jersey. So this was a fun opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone. I had seen a dress on a blogger that I couldn’t get out of my head and after a little searching I found it again. It’s from Topshop and has a v neck and ruched front. I figured I wouldn’t be able to pick anything else as I couldnt get this style out of my head.

Topshop dress

My next problem was I didn’t have a pattern. So out came my trusty Ruska dress from Breaking the Pattern and I started hacking it. I added volume to the sleeve head and centre front seam by slashing the pattern and spreading it, and changed the neckline to a v shape.

Front pattern piece

I also shaped the front and back so that there was a little more shape around the waist. There wasn’t going to be a lot of construction in this pattern, but I did have to figure out how I was going to add the ruching.

I could think of 3 methods- adding elastic to the centre front seam, gathering the centre front seam before sewing or creating a channel to add ties.

I went for the elastic method, sewing it down the front on the inside. This worked okay with this fabric as the print hid any visible stitching on the outside. However I will try a different method the next time, I have a few ideas on how I can improve it.

The fabric was beautiful to work with and feels so soft next to my skin. It definitely qualifies as secret pyjamas and a Kielo wrap dress or Scirocco jumpsuit would both be amazing in this in this fabric. I have a little bit left that I will definitely be making a super soft t-shirt in (probably another Ruska!).

If you haven’t checked out the Wow Fabrics website yet I really encourage you to go right now! The designs are beautiful!

Sharlene xx