Make Nine 2019- a review

I wrote a blog post back during the summer to access how I was getting on with my “make nine” plans. To finish off the year… I haven’t got much further 😣

I had finished my Rumana coat and self drafted dress and had 4 other projects “in progress”. They are still in progress to be honest. I have started my ginger jeans, I’m at the back pocket stage which is okay. I have made jeans this year, the Palo jeans from Breaking the Pattern. I have fabric for a few pairs of dawn jeans in the new year. So I am happy with that I have tackled this garment, and will definitely be making more.

Palo Jeans from Breaking the Pattern- denim from Sister Mintaka

I knitted a hat but it was too small. I might rip it out and redo it, but to honest I am happy I just managed to get the stitches right. I haven’t started my lingerie kit but will try it out soon, and I have fallen out of love with my mila dungarees. I never got around to the crotchet pattern either, I did get a little further with 2 of my blankets though.

I made the Trend Patterns twist dress. I made the original version in a burnt orange viscose from Minerva Crafts for their maker team blog. Keep an eye on my Instagram feed for when the blog will be published.

I then hacked the pattern to add sleeves and made it in a dreamy Mind the Maker viscose twill from Sister Mintaka. This dress is one of my favourites of the year.

I am still planning to try it in a green stretch velvet but with the side twist and sleeves. I am really happy I managed to add sleeves to the original pattern. And this fabric was a dream to work with.

I made 3 versions of my self drafted dress in the end. The pattern still needs a few tweaks but this is one I have big plans for. The shape is so flattering and I feel really comfortable when I’m wearing it.

The original maxi version in a dark floral Georgette from The Fabric Room
Lady McElroy Vincent Sketch viscose from Sister Mintaka
Green Tencel Plaid from Sister Mintaka

Thinking about this challenge has allowed me to reflect on the progress I have made with my sewing this year. I didn’t complete my list but I have made so many garments this year that I love. I will get around the finishing/starting the rest of the items I have bought. And I am okay with this.

I didn’t anticipate where my sewing journey would take me this year. I only ever dreamed that I could make this my full time job (along with being a mum!) but that is where I am now.

I have started to compile a list of things I want to make in 2020, focusing on really upping my sewing game and trying some couture sewing techniques. There won’t be 9 on the list, and they are pretty big projects that I will need to take my time over. And you can expect a lot more pattern drafting!

Did you take part in the Make Nine challenge this year? How did you get on?

Sharlene xx