Styling for all occasions

My most recent make… pretty much the kind of dress I dream about. Everything about it feels “me”- the shape is perfect for me, the sleeves are big and the colours are just perfect! The detail in the print is incredible, but this is what I have come to expect from Lady McElroy. I purchased mine from Sister Mintaka (my favourite online store!).

I knew as soon as I got my hands on the fabric it would be perfect with these boots, purchased from & Other Stories a few years ago. I love them and to be honest they don’t get enough wear. (A lot of my heeled boots don’t anymore… the joys of running after toddlers!)

However when I pair the dress with these boots it feels a little more dressy than what I would wear everyday.

My afternoon tea outfit.

Enter the classic mix of flat boots and a biker jacket. I love this combination, but I would love a khaki cord Stacker jacket by papercut patterns even more ☺️ it’s on my list! This look feels a little more casual and the type of outfit I would wear everyday.

I feel it can be dressed down a little bit more than this though. I love this fabric so much that I really need to maximise the wear I get from it. An easy way to transform a dress into a totally different outfit is adding a layer on top. The high street is full of chunky cropped jumpers this season, which are perfect for layering over dresses with a waist. This is from H&M and they have loads of colours to choose from.

I wore this combination recently and a few people commented that they loved my skirt! Adding a jumper is an easy way to change a dress into a completely different garment. I’ve stuck with my khaki boots here. These boots were one of my smartest purchases, they mix with so much in my wardrobe and are super comfy!

Another option I have gone for is a bit of print clashing. Don’t be afraid to fix florals with checks or stripes, it can give a garment a fresh look. For me a check blazer is a wardrobe staple, it goes with so much.

I had to include a denim jacket in here. When spring comes around I will be styling this dress with a denim jacket, white trainers and pull it together with a white belt, the ultimate casual combination!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, it is a little different from my normal posts. I love fashion and styling (I’ve been doing it for years in my ‘normal job’) so I would love to incorporate a bit more of it on here. It turns out it is well timed with the launch of One Week One Pattern 2019, and will hopefully give some of you some inspiration on how to mix up the current pieces in your wardrobe.

Sharlene x