Autumn Sewing Plans

I know, I know. It’s still August. But with only a few weeks left of summer I don’t have a lot of time for many more summer makes. I hopefully have just enough time to finish my summer WIP’s!

And the reality of working in retail is that we started talking about new season knitwear and coats a month ago and already the new collections arriving in store have an autumnal feel. In fact last week I spent a few hours putting last years knitwear back out!

So it is only natural my thoughts are now turning to autumn sewing plans. But what are they…


Definitely top of my list are more dresses. As I have mentioned before I have been limited to my choice of clothing having been breastfeeding or pregnant for a very long time now. So I am excited to make all the dresses!

My inspiration for these has come from & Other Stories and The Vampires Wife. I will be using my By Hand London Eloise pattern a few more times this year (if it ain’t broke…). I am going to try out a few more patterns or maybe draft a few of my own!

As for fabric choices I am leaning towards a stiffer more structured cotton for this style so it holds its shape. I am looking forward to experimenting with more sleeve shapes. There are so many possibilities that can totally change the style of a dress.

From top left:

I am always excited to see darker colours appearing and I am really feeling the darker greens and teals this year. I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of these fabrics very soon.


You all know I have this thing for suits, right? This feels like the perfect season to get stuck into this trend. I have set plans for 2 already. I have fabric to make a matching pair of trousers for my tartan Jasika blazer and I am in the process of drafting the pattern for my cinnamon Twill suit. I am really excited about this one, the colour is amazing and will be perfect for autumn.

These makes will be more time consuming compared to the dresses, but the great thing about suits is that they can be so versatile. The trousers and blazer can be mixed with other pieces. I already have a very extensive collection of blazers and coats, so I know I will absolutely get the wear out of these and will be worth the extra effort.


More specifically a trench coat. I bought the Pauline Alice Serra coat pattern last year when it came out (I was on a bit of a high after making my Rumana coat). I have been dreaming of this in a waterproof fabric to make the ultimate classic trench coat that will see me through most of the year (it’s currently grey and wet outside in August so I am definitely justified in this thinking). This type of fabric has been hard to come by so far but I hope to see more making an appearance in the next month once everyone switches into autumn mode.

After that I am planning to have some fun with fabrics and prints. The Sapporo coat pattern from Papercut Patterns will be my starting point. I love the idea of a longer version of this and have also seen it made up in faux fur (insert heart eyes!).

These are the main sewing plans I have, the big ones. I will be adding a few more jumpers and cardigans throughout the season too. This is by far my favourite season. In my opinion there’s only so much you can do with summer sewing. Autumn/Winter involves so many more layers and options. I am looking forward to getting stuck into all of it!

What are your autumn sewing plans?

Sharlene x