Make Nine Progress

We are over half way through 2019 so it feels like the perfect time to have a look at the progress of my make nine challenge.

✅ I completed 2 of these projects early on in the year- my rumana coat and the remake of my maxi dress.

I am planning a lot more pattern drafting this year. I have already completed one dress (that I am in love with!) and have a few more pieces planned over the next few months.

✂️ I also have 2 of these projects cut- my ginger jeans and mila dungarees. I also have the fabric and pattern for my lingerie, and a kit to knit a hat. So I’m going to say I have 4 in progress!

I am still waiting for the perfect fabric for my twist dress. I have the pattern printed so need to trace it off. I feel I white or pale coloured neutral would be nice for summer so I should really get a move on with that! Or maybe I should start thinking about autumn colours? Lol!

I know what pattern I will be using for my embellished jacket and will probably make this for Christmas Day, so I have a bit of time yet to make it. I will start to gather the supplies for this soon and check what I have already in my stash.

As for the crotchet I will get to this in autumn. There are too many summer dresses and linen things to be made at the moment! But will probably buy the pattern and yarn soon so they are ready to go.

So although I have only completed 2 on my make nine I am happy with the progress. It is a great challenge to help focus on certain areas. My main aim for this challenge was to ‘up my sewing game’ and I definitely feel I have achieved this already this year through projects like my Jasika Blazer and Palo jeans, and of course drafting my own patterns. Next year I will definitely pick projects that I can spread throughout the year. It is hard choosing things to make when you are in the midst of winter sewing.

How is everyone else doing with their own make nine challenge?

Sharlene x