A year of Me-Mades ❤️

Today marks my 2 year Instagram birthday!

Two years ago I was heavily pregnant with Emily, about to celebrate my 30th Birthday. I had been making baby leggings and matching bibs and knew I would need something creative to occupy me while on maternity leave. I decided an Instagram business account was the way to go as deep down I knew this was the path I wanted my career to take.

Fast forward 9 months I took a massive leap and decided to start teaching other people to sew. I had toyed with the idea until someone made an off hand comment about going to sewing lessons, and I decided I just had to go for it. I knew what I was doing and have always loved training people in work.

I have enjoyed this so much, I can’t put into words the feeling when someone in my class arrives wearing something they have made, pride beaming from their face.

The biggest change in the last year has most definitely been inside my wardrobe. Instagram opened my eyes to the wonderful sewing community, and more importantly the amazing pattern companies and online fabric stores! When I was learning to sew, and right through university, most of the fabric options were quilting cottons, satins of various types and chiffon. Not ideal for an everyday wardrobe. Seeing all these wonderful fabrics gave me so much inspiration to start sewing for myself.

I had already culled my wardrobe down to a very concise selection of basics. Getting out of the house with 2 young babies is not easy, so easy items to pull on were key. So I had room to add a few new pieces. 37 to be precise! (One couldn’t fit on my layout 🙈)

There is a pretty good mix of basics and special pieces in this collection. And I love everyone of them! Can I pick a favourite?… That might be difficult. Maybe that’s something for another blog post!

What I am excited most about now is creating some of my dream pieces, the garments I am inspired by on the catwalks. I have some pretty exciting plans coming up and can’t wait to share them with you. I have a lot of basic pieces I still need to add aswell, and have the fabrics to make these already. I am really interested in working on some more tailoring after making the Jasika Blazer, that pattern still blows my mind. When I look back at the techniques I learnt none of it felt too difficult, which I find is the way with Closet Case Patterns. And of course I got a lot of inspiration from the Dior Designer of Dreams exhibition 😍

I am really looking forward to were this next year is going to take me. I am super excited about my new classes and workshops I am planning and of course all my sewing projects.

I hope you have all enjoyed following me, thank you all so much.


Sharlene x