Rumana Coat

I can’t believe I am writing this. I have made a coat! And not just any coat. The By Hand London Rumana Coat.

It was love at first sight with this pattern! It didn’t matter that I had never made a coat before, this was on my list. The details just ooze elegance and class, the shape is beautiful. It was a project that would really push my sewing skills (and patience) to the limit.

I hadn’t planned on making a coat until autumn 2019, but I got the main fabric in a closing down sale for half price (I think in around £10/m for the last 3.2m!). I never would have picked this colour, but I feel like it was meant to be. The lining was a gift from my wonderful husband, who I have to say did an amazing job of picking it (with the help of the wonderful staff at Craftswoman Fabrics). It’s exactly what I was looking for. I had no excuse then to get started.

All in all, this is the longest I have spent making a garment (apart from my wedding dress). I really forced myself to slow down and take my time over all the processes and details. I was fussier than normal with my finishing and had no issues with unpicking any top stitching I wasn’t happy with.

I have a few tips for anyone thinking of making this:

  • Take care when cutting the back lining pieces- check the position of the fabric on the layplans ( I have a terrible habit of ignoring these now) as this will ensure the vent is at the right side.
  • I used wonderclips when attaching the collar and facing. There are a lot of layers going together and they helped to secure everything in place.
  • Take your time and enjoy it! I am pretty sure everyone would give the same advice. I cut the fabric, lining and interfacing on separate evenings, and broke everything else down into separate tasks.
  • Use the sew along! This was a game changer. The instructions with the pattern are good, but if it is your first time making a coat (like me) then you will find the sew along so helpful. This can be found on the By Hand London website.
Getting the vent the right way on the lining.
Wonderclips for attaching the collar

Since making this I have plans in my head for another 2 in this pattern, and have bought 2 more coat patterns. I have started fixing my velvet blazer and am planning at least another 2 blazers! I have always loved a good piece of outerwear but now I can make them… I might not be able to stop!!

Watch this space!

Sharlene x